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Web development with a mission and a vision

Our Mission - During the industrial revolution, 3rd world countries were used as the end market and as a source of cheap labour. The common mass of these countries could not benefit from the industrial revolution. We thought that the story must be a different one during the information technology revolution. We decided to use information technology as a mean to strengthen the development of the common mass.

website development with a mission

Our Vision:

  • To serve our clients according to their requirements along with maintaining the highest possible quality for an affordable price.
  • Development of new softwares, information technology applications and web-based applications which directly or indirectly benefit the common mass, make life better for them.
  • Development of new software, information technology applications and web-based applications which works towards socio-economic upliftment of poor people.
  • To get the most out of free and open source software to make information technology a handy tool for development of the mass and the society.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, industrial training sessions to promote free and open source software and free operating system Ubuntu Linux.
  • To expand the scopes and horizon of our mission and business with a human face.
  • To earn for sustenance of our benevolent projects through this business with a human face and keep our services affordable or even free as much as possible.

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