pro media art - best web designing, social media marketing, SEO

Pro media art - best website designing, social media marketing, SEO

Creative & low cost web designing & development, digital marketing, google search promotion, advertising in Google, facebook & others, Social Media Marketing

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  • You run a business or provide some service. If don't sell online, you will miss majority of customers.
     Get an online shop or ecommerce site from as low as Rs.10000/- . Ecommerce site or online shops are websites from which visitors can buy some products or service. There are many ways to sell online
  • You can easily update / edit / manage your own website - we develop dynamic content management system based websites - spend only once and spend less
    Dynamic and static websites do not differ in look and feel. What the viewers see can be the same in both cases. They differ in the way data is fed to the website. In a dynamic
  • Low cost & creative web development, Google, Facebook, Instagram & other social media promotion, advertising in google, facebook, instagram and others.
    Tour operators, hotel owners and all people who are into tourism or related business, have mostly joined this business not only to earn money, but often they have joined out of love for this industry, out
  • LinkedIn is a website which people join to enhance their professional skills and network.
    For training and educational institutes, it is very important highlight their courses through LinkedIn so that people looking to enhance their professional skills can know in details about your courses,

Pro Media Art - best web designing, social media marketing, SEO

What is a Web designing?
web designing is the process of creating the layout, design and look and feel of a webpage. It is the technical art of making a webpage look good, making it easy to follow for a viewer keeping everything well explained with optimized combination of textual and visual contents.

How can I have a very good creative website at low cost

Just call +91 9883070082 and we will do it for you.

What should be the ideal cost of web designing in India

The cost entirely depends upon how much time and effort is required to design the web pages, what kind of functionalities are required and how creative it should be. Our designing service costs start from Rs. 1800 for the homepage and Rs. 410 per page for the rest of the pages. 

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is doing publicity of your products or services or activities in social media platforms. It is marketing or business development or promotion through facebook, instagram, youtube, quora and other social media platforms is making your products or services popular in these social media platforms.
It is done by creating eye catching visual and textual contents. These contents are planned and designed with intention to impress the viewers with your products or services or activities. These contents are then shared with different interest groups who might be your potential buyers or customers. The interest groups are determined by creating a buyers persona and doing intensive research of search trends thereafter.

Cost for social media marketing
Our social media marketing packages start from Rs. 750/- per month.

Processes involved in Social Media Marketing
1. Analysis of recent and popular search data on similar pages, similar topics, search trend analysis for identical products / services / organization / trades. Data will be collected using trend analysis services and softwares. Search terms, age groups, Geo-locations, interest groups, influencing factors and many other factors will be considered.
2. Buyers persona / profile of potential and target audience will be created based on analysis data mentioned above will be used.
3. Set up and configuration of meta business suite.
4. Planning of textual and visual digital content based on buyers persona and analysis results.
5. Creation of graphics as part of digital content for social media communication and marketing.
6. Content creation.
7. Posting content and sharing to targeted pages / groups following created buyers persona / potential targeted audience.
8. Replying to questions through pre -programmed auto answers. There will be a fixed maximum number for time period to which we will reply.
9. Replying to comments with your input. There will be a fixed maximum number for time period to which we will reply.
10. Analyzing promotional achievements over a particular time period and resetting the plan again.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is optimizing your website in such a way so that when some one searches the Internet for products or services offered through your website, your website comes in a good position in the search results.

Charges for SEO
Charges for our SEO services depends upon how much work we have to do. It starts from Rs. 2500 (one time).